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My Own Work...

In addition to making other peoples' visions a reality, I passionately believe in using my skills to progress the artform of screen puppetry through innovation and discovery...

Diomysus: More than Monogamy.

"Diomysus: More Than Monogamy "  - a cross-genre comedy-documentary exploring polyamory was my first ever attempt at making a short film and was commissioned through the Ffolio scheme with Ffilm Cymru & BBC Wales.

The thought experiment behind was to see if by animating interviewees accounts with puppetry instead of filming them directly, we would enable them to be more candid in discussing a topic that is challenging to a lot of people?  It also was exploring whether we - the audience - was more open to these ideas if they were being conveyed by a puppet?


I pitched, researched, wrote, directed, designed, built, and performed for this film which was one of only two in this scheme to be broadcast on BBC3 and went on to win 11 awards internationally (including the Prix de Varti Award for the funniest film at the Oscar/BAFTA qualifying Ann Arbor Film festival) and was nominated for BAFTA Breakthrough at the 2023 BAFTA Cymru Awards.

You can watch Diomysus on BBC iplayer now.    

Puppetry at the Pop-Up Palladium

During lockdown I successfully applied for funding from the Welsh Arts Council to make the world's first online puppet cabaret in partnership with Cardiff Animation Festival.  

This fortnightly show over zoom showcased puppetry in all its different forms alongside talks from established puppetry practitioners from across the globe, crucially providing paid work to puppeteers and a sense of purpose at at time when there was none.


I pitched, curated, produced, and hosted all 6 shows which received a 5* review and was my first foray into creating content so was hugely important in building up my confidence to put myself out there as a creative.

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