What I do...


In a nutshell: I design, build and perform puppets for TV and film.  I am, at present, the only female TV puppeteer working in this capacity - going from a pitch to design, build, perform and co-ordinate for TV puppetry and practical FX for film and TV in the UK.

I work with artists, directors, film makers, creative agencies, and theatres to design, build, perform high quality puppets and practical FX to fit their project and budget.  For larger projects I am also able to draw together and co-ordinate some of the best talent that the UK has to offer.

I do this using a range of techniques which I have developed from working as a freelance maker and performer within the entertainment industry for over a decade.  In addition to learning how to build puppets, creatures and practical FX I have also had to learn how to get the best possible performance out of them on camera.  To this end I have recently completed training at the widely revered Curious School Of Puppetry as part of my ongoing dedication to my personal development.

 Previous clients & productions that I have worked with include:


The Sesame Workshop, The Handspring Puppet Company, Sky 1, McLaren F1, Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa, CBBC, Goodchance Theatre, Iron Maiden, Jam Baxter & Rag'N'Bone Man, Ed Sheeran, The Brit Awards, ITV, John Lewis, Kneehigh Theatre as well as several advertising agencies.

I have also recently made my Directorial debut for BBC Wales.

What I do...