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Here is a handful of some of the projects I have been involved with.


Jam Baxter Feat.

Rag'n'Bone Man &

OG Roots

Previous Work.....


Jam Baxter Feat.

Rag'N'Bone Man &

OG Rootz

Working as Head of Department on

 a tight deadline I designed, built, performed and co-ordinated alongside a small team of makers and assistant puppeteers.

"Toothfairy plc"

Working as Head Of Department, I designed, built and performed the Toothfairy's wings in this light hearted commercial for Thinkbox.

 The wings had to be fixable both up and in a 'rest position' in addition to being puppeteered by hand to gesticulate the fairy's emotion as well as being able to beat while the actress was 'flying'.


Voted the best Christmas Advertising campaign for 2019 by The Drum, this gorgeous tiny puppet was performed by myself alongside the wonderfully talented Talk To The Hand Puppets for The Dog's Trust.

"One Kiss"

Calvin Harris Feat.

Dua Lipa

I was one of three puppeteers who performed the practical puppet elements for the number one hit single "One Kiss" which was not only a global smash hit, but also the biggest selling single for 2018.


A visual spoken word album made by British careleavers conveying their experiences of being in the care system.


 I puppeteered Moonlight, the protagonist puppet in this beautiful, meaningful album inspired by Sesame Street with a side order of grittiness where we used Henson's puppetry in a more unconventional way.

"Moz The Monster"

Directed by Michel Gondry, I worked as a fabricator as part of a team of builders who created this loveable monster for John Lewis' 2017 Christmas campaign.

"My hope is to leave the world a little bit better than when I got here."

Jim Henson

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